Thursday, April 13, 2023

Photography Work

Partially Effective's bc2tone is the lead photographer for in-house work and services for clients. antstrumental is the second photographer in-line with a focus on low-light (non-flash) photography.

Photography work can be done for models, artists, businesses, parties, family gatherings, sporting events, and more. Partially Effective's recording studio B is also used as a photo studio and includes lighting and various props available for your use. Click Here for booking info

The first set of images below were photographed and edited by bc2tone, unless otherwise mentioned. 
Below the photos by bc2tone are photos by PE's 2nd photographer antstrumental. 
The images below include commission and non-commission shoots. 

 3 photos above were shot by bc2tone and retouched/edited by Tina G Designs

 Above 5 Photos were taken by @davidmacks and edited by @bc2tone (bc2tone in frame)


 Shot by Luis Nieves; Edited by bc2tone
Shot by Gio; Edited by bc2tone

3 images above are of PE founder, bc2tone. Photographed by anstrumental. Edited by bc2tone.

The Following Images Were Shot by PE's Low Light Photographer antsrumental

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